In the Forests of Valhall

Flowers blossom under their steps in the moss. Wherever she turns, warmth and life fill the place. Frigg is the mother, the guardian of the hall. The beloved of Odin. Where she is, his eye will follow her.

My version of the goddess Frigg roams the forests of Valhalla, accompanied by two cats and a sheep, carrying the keys to the hall and a child on her arms. A raven is close, following her while she walks the forest and brings new life to nature. This is one of the picturec from the Fantasy Faire Regions and I am really in love with Valhalla created by Alia Baroque, the creator of Fallen Gods inc.
I add an overall view of the simdesign, which is really awesome and impressive.

Friggs Style & Fashion

LeLUTKA Erin Head with Cheap & Chic! Scilla T1 for [Lelutka Evo] 

Maitreya Body with Cheap & Chic! Body appliers T1

Hair: NO.MATCH_NO.HUSH with flowers add-on

:::cCc::: Frig Dress @ Fantasy Faire, Region Valhalla, April 22 – May 9th

Bliensen + MaiTai – Headband – Fisk – W – gold & Earrings Fisk mixed, Fantasy Faire, Isles of Tarrin, April 22- May 9th

Keys by BearCub

Baby by Black Bantam

Animals by Manticore

Valhalla, the Great Hall of the Gods, where every viking warrior wants to drink mead after his honorable death

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