His latest invention

In the early evening hours, Dr Ebenezer Hyde often retired to the salon with his young bride. When the soft ticking of the gears approached, he briefly raised his eyes to examine his latest invention. He had named her Dorothy. The gears on her back were connected to the mechanisms inside her. Under her human skin, she was some kind of mechanical insect that – if you wound it up in the morning – did its duty all day long.

For all Steampunk enthusiasts with special preferences, I have the ideal toy today: a Steampunk Drone Implant by Li Li’s Monsta Design. It has a whole bunch of RLV functions and moreover everything you might find useful in your roleplay as a steampunk drone, e.g. a Drone Speech Mode and a Hive Mind Communication.
The details of is outer appearance are amazing, because the gear wheels are really moving. Dorothy is also wearing the Enchantress dress by Lovely Alien. Ebenezer and his wife are using the adorable Book of Love Pose by Gravity Poses.

Dorothy`s Style & Fashion

LeLUTKA Erin Head with Cheap & Chic! Scilla T1 for [Lelutka Evo] 

Maitreya Body with Cheap & Chic! Body appliers T1

Exile:: Marina Hair

((LovelyAlien)) Enchantress – Outfit – Black, with colour change HUD for the blouse

[LiLiMD] Steampunk Drone Implant, copy & mod, new store release

:: ANTAYA :: Tray with gold cups – Group gift

Posing of Ebenezer and his young wife

Gravity Poses – The Book of Love Couple Pose, new & exclusive @ The {4-Seasons} Event [February Round], Feb 8 – 22

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Victorian Chaise Lounge Brown

Libertine: Rug, De Sade Prints, Candle Holder (all from the Marquis Set)

DH Furniture: Side Table Victorian

estatica Bertram Portrait Frame

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